Thursday, March 22, 2012

When guilt hinders me from returning to God

Some things I remind myself of when guilt hinders me from returning to God.

If I drift away from God I can feel like I can't return after sinning against Him. Here are some things I think about that encourages me to return.
1. God is slow to anger - Psalm 103:8
2. God stands ready to forgive - Psalm 86:5, 1 John 1:9
3. At the same time that God is speaking against me, His heart can be remembering me, and even yearning for me - Jeremiah 31:18-20
4. When I return to God, confessing my sins, He will meet me with forgiveness, a happy and loving embrace, and I will be treated as His son - Luke 15:11-32 (the Prodigal Son).
5. God may have planned to bring trouble into my life due to my sin. But if I repent, God may change His mind and not send the trouble - Jonah 3:10
6. Not only will confessing my sins result in forgiveness, but He may actually give me a blessing too - Joel 2:13-15
7. In Jeremiah chapters 2-3 God spoke to His faithless people. And one thing He spoke was an offer to returned to Him and that He would not look upon them with anger.

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