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Cooking tip - Crying from onions?

Open the kitchen window and blow a fan across the counter top while you are cutting them. Just be careful not to blow out any open flame on a gas burner. I hope i wiped away your tears today. 

Excellent shrimp recipe!
Shrimp with Anise Cream sauce on Arborio rice made with Ghee butter

This is 2 recipes combined so please read these notes before you try it.

For the shrimp recipe you will need more sauce than the recipe makes.

I serve the shrimp and sauce over a custom made rice (Rice notes below) and you will need extra sauce. When you make the recipe below double all of the ingredients except the shrimp. Use  the amount of shrimp that is in the recipe. Use 26-30 count shrimp peeled and cut into 3 pieces each. The shrimp portion of this recipe is at this link.

Make rice with Arborio rice and  Ghee butter

Arborio rice is a little more expenisve but I think the end product is much nicer. I make it with chicken stock, salt and Ghee Butter. What is Ghee butter? It is a butter that you can make using ordinary butter. It will transform ordinary butter into a butter with a mild nutty flavor. But you don't add anything to the butter to get this gourmet flavor. It comes from cooking it slowly over low heat. Emeril's webpage has the Ghee Butter recipe at this link.

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