Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't let the ungratefulness of others discourage you

Today I would like to talk about ungratefulness. It can discourage those who are serving God.  And it can be a discouragement within relationships as well. The passage we are going to discuss is Luke 17:11-19. I'll start by giving a brief summary of the text but please follow along in your Bible too.

Jesus enter a village in which ten leprous men cried out to Him for help. Jesus sent them to the priests to be seen by them. And while heading there they were all healed. All ten received a tremendous blessing. But only one turned back to thank Jesus.

The enemy would like to use the ungratefulness of people to discourage the good impact you are having on others. He might whisper in your ear and say, "You're  not making a difference. You are not a blessing to anybody. If you were, wouldn't they tell you so. But, look no one is thanking you, or giving you positive feedback,  so you must not be making a difference."

Going by this passage the exact opposite may be true. So don't judge your effectiveness based on the response of people. And don't have your joy dependent on that feedback. Practice love and rejoice in the love you show. Rejoice independent of external encouragement. Even if there are no thanks at all still rejoice. In addition encourage yourself with this thought. My effectiveness may be more than I realize. My impact, like this passage, may significantly exceed the feedback I receive.

Scripture quotations taken from the "NASB" (

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