Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rejoicing Essential - Part 3

This Bible devotion is going to show another facet of what we already talked about in "Rejoicing Essential Part 2." In that post from Genesis chapter 1 we talked about - doing good, looking upon that good and rejoicing in that good. But today we are going to talk about how that same process has a by-product of a healthy self-esteem.

The focus of our Christian walk is not our self-esteem but rather building godly character. However, a by-product of godly character is an improved self-esteem. When we see how our actions brought good to another then we can rejoice about the good we brought them. When we rejoice about our actions, as a by-product we feel good about ourselves. Our self-esteem is elevated by loving others.

I'll use an extreme example to get the point across. A firefighter saves a baby from a burning building and returns the child unharmed to a very happy mother. He meditates on his actions and is glad about the good he brought them. As a result of his deeds he feels good about himself. But we don't have to do a big thing to rejoice. It blesses someone, and God is also pleased, when we give a cup of cold water to someone in need.

In contrast when we do wrong we feel bad about our actions. And at that moment we have a lower esteem of ourselves. We all sin and fall short. And a troubled conscience can be a weight on how we feel about ourselves. So, after a fall, lets reverse that negative process as quickly as we can . Repent, confess, trust that God has forgiven you and then also forgive yourself. Forget the past and move forward doing what is good today, and then rejoice in that good. Doing good for others changes our whole perception of ourselves for the better. As always, walking in God's ways is good for us!

( Note: this post is not a substitute for Professional  counseling or Doctor directed medicines)

Scripture quotations taken from the "NASB" (

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