Sunday, October 28, 2012

Man's love can be fickle and even treacherous

David learned on many occasions that man's love is unreliable. In fact he found that the compassion of some became so deadened that they even sought his life.

One key in dealing with these painful realizations is to never place your hope in the unreliable love of man but rather to fix your hope on the consistent love of God. The Lords love is unfailing. He never forsakes His own. No one loves us like the Lord.

Since these things are true don't set your hope in man to meet your need for love. You will be disappointed time and time again. Set your hope in God's unfailing love. He won't hurt or disappoint you. Keep Him first in your life. 

Below are a few examples in the life of David where the love of people / family failed him. But God was faithful to him through all of these things.

David serves Kings Saul but Saul turns against him and wants him dead
Beginning at 1 Samuel 18

David's own men want to stone him - 1 Samuel 30

David puts trust in God above mother and father - Psalm 27:10

David pursued by his own son Absalom - Starting at about 2 Samuel 15

David is betrayed by a close companion - Psalm 55:12-14
Scripture quotations taken from the "NASB" (
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